About the Company

Her Tech Unicorn is a mentorship, membership club created FOR US AND BY US. HER Tech Unicorn is centered on offering strength based coaching techniques to help women of color increase their confidence and earning potential by breaking in and thriving in tech.

power within

Most black women don’t realize that they already have what it takes to become successful. Often times, women can leverage their current experience and skill sets to pivot into a more lucrative and satisfying career. We help women of color realize her power and potential and lean into her innate super powers in order to gain a competitive edge in her pursuit toward success. We are a collective of women bonded together by being the firsts. The firsts in our family and friend group, to want more, dream for more, and accept more of what we deserve.

Unicorn's Journey through our impact circle

Lifetime Community

Join our safe space FB group for lifelong connections, adive, guidance and stories from your sisters.

Monthly Group Coaching

FREE! Virtual monthly syncs on all things related to the "level up" of women of color.

In-Person Workshops

Quarterly Meet-ups across the country centered on serving the WHOLE black woman in a holistic way.

Support Black Owned Business

All of our Quarterly Meet-ups will support local minority business through the purchase of catering, event planning, and space rental.

Become a Mentor and Pay it Forward

Look at how much you've grown! Time to lean into offering up those learnings to the incoming

Intense 4 Week Unicorn Coaching Program

Our flagship "Unicorn Coaching Program" is set up to leave you understanding your value and feeling empowered to take on the world.

About the founder

Hi, my name is LaToya and I work with motivated spirits that want to elevate their current job into a high paying, rewarding career.

About the

About 10 years ago I woke up and realized that I wanted so much more out of life than what I was told I deserved. Why was it that the idea of a black woman normalizing luxury seemed to be unfathomable? I didn’t’ know HOW I was going to do it but I knew what I NEEDED to do …. Position myself into a 6 figure career that I loved. Uh…. and how was I supposed to do that when everyone around me was content living paycheck to paycheck? Ruthless prioritization and walking with intention.

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The passion for growth

You ever feel like everyone in your life is complacent when it comes to their careers, their professional growth, or their mediocre mindset? Do you consider yourself to be the unicorn amongst your family and friends because you know you have the potential and desire to be so much more than you are right now? Let me guess….you don’t know the necessary steps needed to get you to your full potential because you lack the guidance and mentorship from someone who is already where you want to be…. and most importantly, someone that looks like you?

Well I got you sis! Through my years of mentorship and coaching, coupled with my corporate and big tech experience, I have become pretty savvy in the knowledge, strategies, and intentional movements, necessary for any woman of color looking to take the leap into the corporate tech world.

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